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    1860's Men's Quilted hat

    Price:  $120.00

    The most notable example of this hat was gifted to Robert E. Lee and is housed in the collection of the Museum of the Confederacy. This would lead one to believe that these hats were outside of the common every day experience. Photographic reseach has shown, however, that these hats were worn prior to the war, and as an accessory to an assortment of clothing from paletot to frock coats. The William McIntosh collection contains an image of a working class man, dressed in a frock coat, and holding a quilted hat in his hand.

    Our hats are offered in our own production of tailoring grade jeancloth.

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07330 Blue jeans quilted men's hat size 8Blue jeans quilted men's hat size 8Products out of stock$120.00

tan jean's men's quilted hat, made to ordertan jean's men's quilted hat, made to order$120.00

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