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    Joshua Wright Philadelphia Jar

    Price:  $31.50

    Joshua Wright Pickle Jaroshua & John Wright had a grocery store in Philadelphia around 1840. By 1849 Joshua Wright was the only person listed in the Phildelphia business directory at the Franklin and Spring Garden location. It was a fairly successful business and continued through until the late 1870's.

    The barrel motif appears in many different consumer products during the Civil War period, from mustard jars to bitters bottles to traveling inkwells.This is a large barrel shape bottle that was used mainly for pickles. It measures 10 3/4 " by 5" wide. The lip is applied and their bases are either smooth. Originals of this jar range from light to deep aqua depending on when they were manufactured (our reproduction is in aqua as per the earlier examples). These large barrels are considered rare, and originals of this jar fetch upwards of $500.

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