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    Union Comic Naval Envelope (sold by the dozen)

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    Letter Grayish-blue printing on white envelope: Cartoon-style cut, “Union Jack sending one of Jeff Davis’ Pirates to ‘Davy Jones locker’—Serves ‘em right.” Published by D. Murphy’s Son, N-Y. 

    Illustrated envelopes are consummately objects of the early war; they existed before, and continued to be available later—but during the first years of the conflict they were a fad, and (luckily for us!) collecting them became a fashionable hobby. 

    Sometimes crude from an artistic point of view—although sometimes both well drawn and exquisitely printed—they were items of commerce, rushed into press to capitalize on events and just as quickly replaced by others. Responsive to popular interests and taste, they are an excellent indicator of the common man’s mind and mood. 

    The primary use of these envelopes is obvious; but I have also seen them rolled or folded up for use as an impromptu housewife, wrapped with thread and stuck with pins and needles as well as used to enclose some precious memento, particularly locks of hair. As a wallet, pocket, or knapsack filler this latter use speaks deeply to mid-19th century sensibilities and can be a welcome addition to your “opened knapsack” presentation. 

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