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    El Magdalena Fine Champagne Cognac Label

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    Letter We are extremely proud to announce that the reproduction paper goods sold by P. M'DERMOTT, WHOLESALE STATIONERS during the 1980s are being reintroduced and will be available exclusively through us. The products made and offered by Kevin McDermott—known to most of his Civil War associates as "Pat"—set a benchmark both for interesting and intelligent selection of items for reproduction as well as for the fidelity of the reproduced items themselves; several subsequent efforts in this line have paid tribute to his pioneering work. Like all items offered by P. M'Dermott, this full-color Cognac label (measuring approx. 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches) will add depth and color to both citizen and military impressions, helping to suggest the larger world outside the camp or home. By all means, apply one to a bottle, fill it, and use it; but consider them on empty bottles as well—a few in the corner, or stuck out behind the officer's tent, can pay silent tribute to a shindy the night before...



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