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    Pride of the Regiment

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    Another of the Federal City Brass Band's Series, as always, performed on original instruments, and in pure fidelity to the original arrangements. This CD focuses on many of the popular military and patriotic tunes of the period, as well as some of the least performed arrangements. While it is always a pleasure to listen to familiar tunes, listening to pieces that are rarely played increases ones' knowledge and musical ear for the period. Over time, one is able to discern the musical differences between the 1860's and later periods.

    The CD contains the following pieces, as well as an 8 page booklet of program notes. Feel free to click on the samplings of the different tunes to wet your listening appetite for music of the 1860's.

    1.   The Star-Spangled Banner  (1:32)
    2.   Hero's Quickstep (1:25)
    3.   Damen Souvenir Polka (2:15)
    4.   Cheer, Boys, Cheer (1:47)
    5.   Sunny Hours Waltz (2:43)*
    6.   Negro Medley Overture (8:08)
    7.   I'm Going Home to Dixie (2:00)
    8.   Funeral March (3:48)
    9.   3rd U.S. Infantry Quickstep (3:24)*
    10. Grafulla's Favorite (Waltz)  (2:32)
    11. Manual of Arms Polka - Jari Villanueva, bugle (4:44)
    12. Old Joe Hooker Quickstep (1:40)*
    13. The General (0:33)+
    14. Quick March - The American Flag (0:41)+
    15. Common Step (1:19)+
    16. March for Review (1:36)+
    17. Parade Sequence  (7:57)
          Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag, Battle Hymn Quickstep, Yankee Doodle
    18.  Detroit Schottische (2:54)
    19.  Quickstep:"Tu Che a Dio" (1:50)
    20.  Washington Greys  (4:34)

    CD recorded at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, January 19-20, 2003
    *        Recorded live in concert at the Library of Congress, November 13, 2002
    +        Bugle marches


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