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    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 24 April, 2023.

    Maverick's Blue Tailed Scarf Cravat

    Price:  $59.99

    There are many examples of the spring band used as the neckband of cravats, but this is the first that we encountered with a distinctively different tie. The original cravat that this is based upon was originally owned by William Brown III of the Thoughts on Men's Shirts fame. Upon his passing, William McIntosh purchased it when it was sold through auction.

    The tie portion is more stylish than the more conservative bow, which is closer to the neck. The tails can also be fulled to give the appearance of an ascot, which notables such as Elmer Ellsworth was known to have worn.

    Our copy is faithful to the original, including the staggered tails, wool batting along the length to add fullness.

    Offered in Maverick's Blue Satin.