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    Contract Variant Brogan.

    Price:  $215.00

    ontractor variants of the federal army issue bootees is common. This represents one of the many that have been known to exist, and features an external counter, and a copper reinforcement at the top of the seam overlap. Copper rivet reinforcements do show up in other applications, and was the basis of the patent secured by Levi Strauss for his denim overalls (blue jeans). The last for these bootees, orbrogans, is custom produced and graded up from an original example.

    This brogan also features a clump, or half sole, which adds additional life to the wear of these brogans. The upper leather features waxed flesh, and is fully hand stitched. Soles are attached with wood pegs produced in Vermont.

    Overall, a durable and accurate copy of the bootee worn by the Federal Army during the American Civil War.

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