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    Captain Narrow Subdued straps.

    Price:  $29.99

    JT Martin Blouseased on an original that was part of an identified uniform from a New York officer, this unique strap is perfect for the field impression. Subsequent to the realization that officers were prime targets for sharpshooters, concessions were made to allow them to wear enlisted cavalry overcoats, thereby making them less conspicuous. In the commercial market, items such as these, were offered to make them harder to find with sharpshooters.

    Produced using our own custom royal blue broadcloth, as well as our own buckram produced here in our shops in Gettysburg, these straps are as accurate as one could obtain, outside of originals.

    Please note that his item is also for sale on our ebay store, but with the very substantial ebay surcharges added. Customers are welcome to shop there, but we are offering the option to save.

    The link to the ebay store is Narrow subdued captain's insignia


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