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    Chevalier "Union" Bowie

    Price:  $99.99

    Chevalier Knifeohn Chevalier had a shop on Broadway, in New York, where he made Bowie knives and surgical instruments from 1835 to 1871. The ricasso marked in three lines, J.D. Chevalier, Broadway, New York. Brass mounted hilt with checkered ebony grips. 13 3/16 inches overall. Chevalier Bowies are much sought-after by collectors.

    The blade features “DEATH TO TRAITORS” in large, bold, markings, filling much of the full length of the obverse side of the 9 inch single edge clip point  That same reverse side of that blade bears huge deep markings also (filling much of the blade) “CHEVALIER UNION KNIFE”. 

    Brass crossguard with the two distinguishing projections on its underside (at each side of ricasso). The brass handle cast integral with pommel; four piece (two each side) checkered dark wood grips (showing wear consistent with the metal, but exc.); This very “DEATH TO TRAITORS” knife was actually advertised by John Chevalier in the N.Y. TIMES during the War as his “UNION Army knife.”

    This bowie, as well as the others in the series are sold without scabbards, mainly in an effort to have the reproductions retain the individuality of the originals. Many, if not most of the knives utilized crude, almost homemade scabbards of wood, painted canvas or leather.

    This item is sold with an unsharpened edge, but being of cutlery steel, it can certainly be honed by the owner after purchase. These are reproduction 19th century pieces, and while attractive, are not state of the art survivalist knives. This item is not sold to minors, and a valid photo ID is required to purchase. Shipped ONLY by Fedex Ground or Home Delivery in the Continental US. Payment for this item must be made by check or money order, as Google checkout will not process sale of this item.


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