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    Federal Issue Blanket

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    "Aren't you hot in those uniforms?" is the perennial observation of spectators when they view reenactors at events. Of course their observations are being made in broad daylight when the sun is shining at its hotest. If they would return at night, the observation would be that we were underdressed for the situation. Owing to the weight of of the textiles used it would appear that the army was more concerned about keeping the solider warm at night rather than cool during the day. The principal method of retaining body heat at night was the Blanket,which was by regulation to be of a hefty 5lbs. After being dissatisfied with the softness of even the "best" reproduciton, we set out to make a blanket the truly captured the roughness of the original issue pieces.

    Our blanket comes with a hand done "US" in chainstich, which marked the blanket as being Federal Government property.

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