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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 April, 2010.

    MP-40 BFoNG

    Price:  $3,850.00

    MP 40'sor Re-enactors and theatrical reproductions this is a great weapon to add to your collection!  These are built out of the finest materials, and where possible,  the same materials of the originals they represent. Every effort has been placed on detail and craftsmanship.  

    The MP40 is nearly indistinguishable from an original. SS Room used original parts to take external dimensions so our replicas will be near perfect.  They take great pride in making true replicas and even though the insides are dramatically different, the outsides are true to form.  


    MP 40's in production
    MP's in production

    Our reproduction bakelite forearms and grips were reproduced using a wide spectrum of original MP-40 bakelite colors and shades.  We use only the dark colors of the spectrum on our non-guns.  As with the original MP-40, the forearms do not always match the pistol grip.  We are sorry, but are unable to accept requests for specific shades or colors.  You can however request black at a $50 upcharge

    Blank Firing Only Non-Guns are made to order. The approximate ship time is 120-150 days after an order is placed. A non-refundable 50% deposit confirms order.

    Payment for this item must be made by check or money order, as Google checkout will not process sale of this item.

    Note that use of anything other than our specially designed blanks voids any and all warranties on the BFong.


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