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    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 26 February, 2010.

    full-color label “Superior Bears Oil for the Hair.”

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    The Letter Ornate label with border of flowers and birds and the eponymous bear—in the woods; it is from the same printer as our "Superior Rose OIl for the Hair" label, Item No. 6203. Personal appearance is one of the final frontiers in reenacting: buying the “right stuff” only takes money; but altering the way you look is quite a different affair. Not all of us—much as we might like—can wear period facial hair (although a lot more of us should than do); but something we can do without too much trouble is to oil our hair. They did: not many of us do. Not only does it change the way you look—and leave its mark on your caps and hats, a subtle but telling detail—it also changes the way we smell. Olfactory authenticity is just as important as any other kind….but is rarely considered. If you wish to make your own, here is a mid-19th century recipe: “Take of good sweet lard oil,1 quart; bergamot, 1 oz.; mix well together.”


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