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    The First Step, Tract

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    Letter Folded single sheet, four pages. Perhaps the largest difference between the mental world of the mid-19th century and that current today is the utter centrality of religion—in America, overwhelmingly, dissenting Protestant religion—to their world view. While many today would not go out of their way to read tracts and other religious literature, anyone who hopes to understand and interpret mid-19th century people should do so. This tract was published by the American Tract Society of Boston, one of the largest publishers. While not obviously intended for the military market, it is particularly suitable for it: “Do not say you know not how to pray…Do not say you have no convenient place to pray in…Do not say you have no time.” The old saw concerning the lack of atheists in foxholes was just as true in the Civil War as at any other time in history…even if your persona is a hard-bitten scoffer you might want to have one of these hidden away for a time of need…you can bet a lot of “the Boys” did.


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