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    The Prairie Traveler: The 1859 Handbook for Westbound Pioneers

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    There are some in the hobby who think that all that is needed is to join a good unit. There are still others who think that "clothes make the man". Yet the most obvious and least avaialed of avenue to authenticity is to dive into the writings of the day, and read exactly what they read. This work is a primer for the outdoorsman, and is directly transferable to army life.

    Along with a good rifle and a sturdy horse, this guidebook was essential for westward-bound pioneers. Originally published by the War Department, Capt. Marcy's manual offers life-or-death advice on choosing the best routes to California, food supplies, treating snakebites, fording rivers, and encountering Native Americans. 21 original illustrations.
    Reprint of the 1859 Harper and Brothers, New York, edition.

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