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    Economy Federal Issue Blouse

    Price:  $165.00

    JT Martin Blouse

    ffered in the past, this blouse was a practical balance of authenticity and frugality. Made of 100% wool flannel, custom dyed to our specification. The pattern is a two piece body, and one piece sleeve, taken from an original in the John Henry Kurtz collection. The original was actually an unlined blouse, that was arsenal RE-LINED.

    Our reproduction features pieced facings and undercollar and handstitched buttonholes. All seams are turned and machine stitched. Most high end vendors would consider this to be a top end garment, and represents the greatest bargain in the hobby.

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0104-15 Economy Blouse size 48Economy Blouse size 48Products out of stock$165.00
0104-16 Economy Blouse size 50Economy Blouse size 50Products out of stock$165.00
0104-3 Economy Blouse size 52Economy Blouse size 52Products out of stock$165.00
0104-12 Economy Blouse size 54Economy Blouse size 54Products out of stock$165.00
0104-3 Economy Blouse size 56Economy Blouse size 56Products out of stock$165.00

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