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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 December, 2021.

    19th Century Special League all leather shoe.

    Price:  $239.00

    Aesthetically based on a plate of a baseball shoe produced  in the 19th century, it features an all  leather construction. Mattimore Harness produced a style similiar to the Spalding Amateur Baseball Shoe for Boys, leaving off the the spikes on the bottom. In speaking to several vintage baseball players who wore these shoes, they found, as would anyone who wears leather soled shoes on grass, that they had no traction, and encountered slipping and sliding. Today, as was the case in the 19th century, spikes were essential. Snyder's catalog of 1879, shows two types of spikes.

    Applying this need to the current day practice of Vintage baseball, one is faced with situations where spikes are prohibited by some leagues. This variable in the rules of vintage baseball, required flexibility of options to the player.

    To that end, instead of using the riveted, bladed spikes, we opted for the threaded ports that are available on most current day athletic shoes. This affords the player to install long or short runner spikes, blunted golf spikes or rubber cleats. 

    While these spikes and cleats are readily avaliable at sporting good retailers, like Dick's, threaded ports are not, and finding a supplier was no easy matter. After exhaustive searching, we were glad to be able to offer these shoes with these ports. They are offered in yellow brass, which resists corrosion and does not result in the blacking caused by steel.

    The options of cleats and spikes is left to the athlete, and are not included.

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