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    Lightweight ribbed wool stocking, cream..

    Price:  $30.00

    These are thin, warm, and have splendid ribbing which hugs your legs.

    Historical Note:
    In 1759 Jedediah Strutt patented a machine to produce ribbing on frame knit hosiery. He set up business in Derby, UK consequently his worsted (wool) stockings were referred to as "Derby Rib".


    As these stockings are produced to imitate historic versions of hosiery, so too do they have similar attributes. Early stockings did not have elastic and were worn with garters to support them. We heartily suggest wearing them with ours. 

    Garters can be anything from something purchased to a simple length of ribbon gently tied below your knee to help hold up your stockings. If your historical clothing involves knee britches, sometimes one does not need garters if the leg cuff on the knee britches is fitted well.

    If you use a garter belt, the thinner styles of stockings (lightweight or silk) will tend to work better with the button type clips. A garter belt with the wider clamp style clips will work with most of our styles. 

    Cream Colored,  Lightweight Ribbed Merino Wool stockings Thigh high,