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    1855 Musket tool

    Price:  $25.00

    1855 Musket Wrenchn an evolutionary step from the Model 1842 musket version, this handy tool features an open ended wrench with two swivel slot screwdrivers.  When the drivers are extended  at ninety degrees, they form a handle, increasing the torque that can be given to the wrench.  The three screwdrivers were designed to fit any of the screws on a musket. 

    We embarked upon this project after discussing the previous attempts with Tim Prince of College Hill Arsenal. He had initially produced a run of these tools in conjunction with another sutler, who ultimately took over the project. The latest production of these were considerably different than the original production lot, in both sharpness as well as dimension and hardness of the metal.

    Many reproductions are actually cast, which not only rounds out the sharp details, but also has porosity in the metal, which makes the tool much weaker with a prediliction to breaking under use. Our reproductions are of machined block steel, and retain all of the sharpness and dimension of the original. We produce these wrenches from steel of the proper Rockwell hardness, and retest each one after the bluing process.


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