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    Charlotte Balmoral

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    "n 1852, the Prince bought the estate for £31,500; there was an old castle on the grounds at that time but this proved inadequate for the family and in 1853 the cornerstone of a new house was laid. In 1855 it was ready for partial occupancy. Balmoral Castle was one of Victoria’s favorite residences; both the Queen and the Prince were impressed with the beauty of Balmoral, and, above all, with its solitude and peace. Here the Queen and her family occupied themselves mainly with outdoor pursuits, the Prince rejoiced especially in the deer that came “stealthily about the house.”

    For the Highland country, Victoria’s attire was solid and strong. It was formerly thought not proper for a lady to wear anything but thin Morocco shoes or very slight boots in walking, but for her visits to the Balmoral, clogs and galoshes were necessarily resorted to."

    Victoria's enjoyment of the outdoors at Balmoral, created not only a fad of Scottish and Scottish inspired styles, but a combination of outerwear and footwear which were both elegant and sturdy.

    Based a pair in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, these shoes are rich in detail. From the hand stitched soles to the hand stacked heels, they are a harmony of elegance and craftsmanship.

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