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    Better than Rations or Medicine

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    The most recent release of The Federal City Brass Band, who are friends and wearers of the items of both myself and Greg Starbuck. I met band member and instrument collector Mark Elrod in 1978 when I was 13 years old. My family was visiting the Antietam battlefield and Mark just happened to be there, and showed us the album of the 26th  North Carolina. I still distinctly remember his Marine corps dress blues hanging in the back of the car. I really enjoyed that record, and still have it to this day. Years had gone by, and after making the acquaintance of Paul Ruehs, he introduced me to a collector friend of his, named Mark Elrod. Knowing the man for many years, anything that Mark is involved with is of the highest level.

    This album contains the following pieces, played on period instruments:

    George Hart's Quickstep, American Hymn, Captain Shepherd's Quickstep, Commencement Waltz, Maryland Guard Galop, Fort  Federal Hill Quickstep, The Sun Quickstep, Trovatore Quickstep, Canary Bird Waltz,Iron Clad Quickstep, The Dearest Spot of  Earth (to Me is Home), Slumber Polka, Woodman, Spare That Tree!, Ever of Thee, Jullien's American Quadrille, Abide With Me,

    The links below are for samples, which are in quicktime player

    Captain Shepherd's Quickstep
    Iron Clad Quickstep
    Canary Bird Waltz
    Lorena/Bright Smiles
    The Wearing of the Green


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