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    Elastic Suspenders

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    Coatless Union soldiers showing their suspendersPerhaps the most common experience for reenactors is popping off of suspender buttons on pants. Owing to the original lack of effort and emphasis put into authenticity in the hobby, it was almost a universally held belief that elastic suspenders were not correct for the period. While this dark period was a boom to the trouser button business, it was impeding the goal of historical accuracy. Early attempts at elastic were mechanical contraptions of metal springs encased in muslin or linen. These were later replaced by elastic cords that were either quilted into the same muslin or woven into flat braid. Our copy is of elastic cording quilted into rows and ended by leather tabs which attached to the pant. We have had customers who were thrown from horses who dusted themselves off and were proud to report that all buttons were intact! These braces are a great investment in history.

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