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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 November, 2008.

    Wooden Matchsafe

    Price:  $3.99

    To the most advanced students of the material culture, a matchsafe automatically conjurs up commerical hard rubber or brass items. Those items have been so closely identified with the word, that one never considers that some other type of matchsafe existed. The ever present "lucifer" brand of match case, however dubious, has presented the only other alternative. The item that we are now offering, not only served as a matchsafe, but also as the original packaging that period matches were shipped in. The most solid evidence was found in the excavation of the steamboat ARABIA, which had crates of matches in the original wooden matchsafes. Per Postal Regulations, our matchsafes are shipped without matches. The price includes only one match safe (two are picture)

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