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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 May, 2007.

    Springfield Musket Sling.

    Price:  $58.00

    ade of natural bridle leather. Featuring our own custom made brass hooks, which are the most accurate ones on the market. All edges of the bottom flesh side are beveled off, and grain side is creased along edge, which, when used together, eliminates the “sharp edges” that one finds on most amateur leather work. Stiched with three plies of hand twisted linen cord, drawn through “kit” containing pure pine pitch.

    Please note that his item is also for sale on our ebay store, but with the very substantial ebay surcharges added. Customers are welcome to shop there, but we are offering the option to save.

    The link to the ebay store is Springfield musket sling ebay

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