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    Rounded "Sardine Can" Shoulder Straps.

    Price:  $38.00

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    Sardine Can Shoulder Strapsefinitely for the officer looking to stand out of the crowd, these shoulder boards have a distinctive, if not informal look.Found in period photos, they convey a stylishness.

    Made with a slightly wider border than the standard, and in matte gold, it is elegance without being overstated.

    While some of the more popular ranks of this strap are available for immediate shipment, the more obscure and esoteric are made to order. It is not out of the realm of possibility for a special ordered rank to take 10-12 weeks to deliver.



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Model Qty Options Name+ Select Price
15332 Sardine Can Artillery, CaptainSardine Can Artillery, Captain$38.00
15335 Sardine Can,Artillery, 1st LtSardine Can,Artillery, 1st Lt$38.00
15331 Sardine Can,Calvary, 1st LtSardine Can,Calvary, 1st Lt$38.00
1533-1 Sardine Can,Calvary, 2nd LtSardine Can,Calvary, 2nd Lt$38.00
15330 Sardine Can,Staff, CaptainSardine Can,Staff, Captain$38.00
1533-1 Sardine Can,Staff, MajorSardine Can,Staff, Major$38.00

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