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    Breckenridge-Lane 1860 Campaign Flag

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    Breckenridge FlagLAVOCRAT was a term that was coined during the pivotal election of 1860, and represented the partisanship along southern lines in the Democratic party, and clearly reflected the interest of the slave holding states. John C. Breckenridge was Vice President under James Buchanan at the time of the election. He easily swept the votes of the southern states, but ultimately lost on the national level to Lincoln.

    The original flag was of far less technical precision than the Lincoln counterpart; the registration of the stripes is noticeably off, and the stars in the canton  were so poorly done as to have an almost abstract quality. While it is not known whether these differences were intentional at the time, they have been captured in this reproduction.

    The later Confederate flag has taken on an iconic reference to African slaverly, this flag also bears an important meaning in that it reflects a time when the flag of the Union stood for slavery.


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