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    Lincoln-Hamlin 1860 Campaign Flag

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    Lincoln Hamlin Flagn the days before printed cardboard posters advertised candidates for elections, a simple one-sided printed flag was used to promote the candidate for a particular party. Presumably, by placing the portrait of the contender on the flag, was to show an inteherent connection to the national pride. These flags continued to be used throughout the 19th century, eventually becoming more stylistically standardized as the century drew to a close.

    This flag is a valuable tool for any academic or classroom presentation. However, for the field of living history, this flag does not have to be limited to reenactments of the 1860 campaign. There are a large number of possible scenarios for using this flag, if one is portraying a refugee entering Federal lines, there could be no better proof of ones loyalty to the Union than carrying this flag within his or her possession. Conversely, this could be searched for within the possessions of a southerner by "home guard" units looking for Lincolnites. The canton field containing the Lincoln portrait is also available separately, which can be "recycled" for an 1864 Election campaign scenario, Emancipation Proclamation scenario, or simply alongside the other banners.

    This flag, measuring 24" X 36", is not insubstantial in size. Per the original, it is left raw edged, and can be hand turned or simply tacked along the halliard side. I have been trying to reproduce these flags for quite 20 years.  Because of the detail in the Lincoln portrait, silk screening was not an option. This reproduction includes not only the Lincoln portrait, but also the 1860 copyright registration information.

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