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    Shoulder Strap #4

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    Captain William Clark, 1st Michigan SharpshootersHand Embroidered of Gold Bullion, our own triple rich boards feature crisp detail. Our boards come hand finished on the bottom, as per originals. The variations of the strap come in the border detail. Style #4 has alternating patterns of two filaments of luster on the outside and inside border with a solid matte filament in the middle.

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Model Qty Options Name+ Select Price
15031 Shoulder Strap #4 Artillery MajorShoulder Strap #4 Artillery Major$39.99
15036 Shoulder Strap #4 Cavalry 1st LtShoulder Strap #4 Cavalry 1st Lt$39.99
15033 Shoulder Strap #4 Cavalry 2nd LtShoulder Strap #4 Cavalry 2nd Lt$39.99
15035 Shoulder Strap #4 Cavalry CaptainShoulder Strap #4 Cavalry Captain$39.99
15030 Shoulder Strap #4 Infantry 2nd LtShoulder Strap #4 Infantry 2nd Lt$39.99
1503-1 Shoulder Strap #4 Staff  Lt ColonelShoulder Strap #4 Staff Lt Colonel$39.99

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