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    Volunteer Mtd Services Jacket

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    JT Martin Blouseidely depicted in photographic portrait and field studies during the periodis this variation of the regulation jacket. This shorter collared version is sometimes referred to as the "volunteer" jacket,but there doesn't appear that the term was either period or by regulation. While some jackets were obviously altered after issue, there are examples that appear to have been designed and produced by the arsenal with the single buttonhole.This "single button" variety is as smart looking as the standard regulation jacket but the shorter collar gives it a slightly rakish appearance. Note the nice wartime image on the left of Sgt. David McVean, of Company B. 6th Michigan Cavalry, and of privates Moore and Patterson of battery F, 1st Pa Light Artillery on the right.


    David McVean, Co. B 6th Michican Cavalry 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery
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