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    Knit Blouse

    Despite the overwhelming number of knit blouses produced during the Civil War, to date, not a single reproduction has been made. By some completely bizarre metamorphasis, some sort of common law has evolved in living history, that one cannot make a reproduction without having ONE original to follow. Having been in this hobby since 1975, I have no idea who created this rule, but it is an approach that not only limits, but excludes research of industrial manufacture. The fabric for this coat, is produced by a family that has been in the knit goods business since 1890, and still retains the original looms. We embarked upon having this produced by drawing upon their family's knowlege, as well as presenting them with original photographs and documents to come with the most logical conclusion as to what the knit blouse looked like. Our yarn is custom spun and dyed, and is knit into a rib, which is what the blouses in the original photographs appear to be. While it would be a "slam dunk" to have an original issue blouse to follow, we honestly feel that based upon period construction and knit goods industry of the period, we are well in the ball park. As we will only have a limited quantity of the fabric product, this will be a subscription only when we do our production lot.


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