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    1883 knit undershirt

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    1883 knit shirtPer Specification Number 77, Montgomery Miegs issued a standard for the knit undershirt in 1881.


    It was to be in six sizes, and was a relatively coarsely knit garment. Bound along the neck and front placket with Prussian binding, the placket and neck were closed with three 18 ligne mother of pearl buttons. Prussian binding is a tape with a pronouced herringbone twill to it.

    The cuff was to be of "self" fabric (the same as the body). The accompanying photographs to the plates show the cuff as being proportionally longer than the earlier knit shirts from the 1860's.

    Our reproduction is a staightforward presentation of an extremely reare, yet very unassuming garment.1883 Specs for shirt

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