December 2003

Fort Gaines Living History,
January 17-18, 2004

Our own Andrew Martin of the

Sloppy Beagle Mess is hosting an invitation only winter garrison living history at Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island, Alabama. Fort Gaines was part of a three fort system at the mouth of Mobile Bay that was designed to defend the bay against naval assault. The three forts were Fort Morgan, Fort Gaines, and a small fort in Grant's pass (directly behind Dauphin Island) called Fort Powell. Fort Gaines was taken by the Alabama Volunteer Corps in 1861 and remained in Confederate hands during the majority of the war. Our goal for the weekend is to illustrate to the public what the Confederate garrison would have looked like in the winter of 1861-62. Since the fort sits on a local tourist attraction, Dauphin Island, the site gets a great deal of visitors year round. This, plus the impressive nature of the site itself, makes Fort Gaines an ideal place to host a living history. For more information please contact Andrew Martin at

You want it? We have it! (or can get it!)

When I started this business over 3 years ago it was with the mindset that living historians needed to a place where they could get exceptional goods fast and efficiently, however, we are so much more than that!

Simply because an item is not listed or is out of stock does not necessarily mean that we do not make it or you have to wait an inordinate amount of time for it. I welcome your phone calls (1-800-431-1862) and emails ( for any item that you might be interested in.

Some of the goods that have been made recently which have not appeared on the site are:

    • Jr. Officer trousers of kersey
    • Staff officers trouser
    • McDowell federal private purchase caps
    • Military style private purchase vests of kersey
    • Cavalry trimmed mounted service jackets
    • States Rights frocks
    • Pleated frocks
    • Balmoral shoes
    • and a host of other items...

Give me a call to discuss your needs!

Skilletlicker Research Site

Signed up yet? This fantastic resource is for our customers only; it contains the combined knowledge of the top manufacturers in our hobby today! Click here to sign up!

New updates on or about the 15th of each month so sign up today!

WWII Goods

There is a new page added onto the site for those of you who also reenact WWII. Presently it contains German goods but will expand to include more German as well as G.I. goods as well. Click here to check it out!

Mid Tennessee Civil War Show,
December 6 and 7

A great selection of Skillet Licker products will be available at the table of Ike Gatlin and Chris Utley at the Nashville Civil War Show. Stop by and say Hi!

Look for Ike and Chris in the field in 2004 with their peddler wagon set up, they will be carrying many of my goods in the field as well!

Specials for December!

We are accepting pre orders now for NJ Sekela's famous steeled spring cravats. These have been long out of stock but are making their reappearance in time for you to look your best for all the important upcoming function in 2004. Choices will be either black or printed fabrics

A new officer haversack is being drafted from an original in the NJ Sekela collection. (see picture) It features a painted cloth and leather construction with embossed motif on the outer flap. These are also available for pre order to my email customers and will be an indespensible part of your officer impression.

Due to the success of our enlisted dress coat run, we are extending the enlisted over coat; mounted over coat and officer private purchase sack coat runs into December. For those that have already pre ordered, you are on the list and will get the first batch as they become available. For those who have an interest, drop me a line!

"For Fatigue Purposes - The Army Sack Coat 1857 - 1872" by Patrick Brown is now in stock and, as our moniker states, ready to ship! The price is $22.50 plus postage & handling.
Pat Brown's sack coat monograph

Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

From Civilian to Contract variant to the humble domet issue, we carry them all!

There is only so much that a living historian can do when trying to recreate the life of a soldier. After all, you are not dodging bullets, fighting raging smallpox, experiencing the ravages of dysentery or fighting never ending boredom of camp life. However, nothing says more about your commitment to living history than to spend even a short amount of time in a domet issue shirt. These shirts were issued by the hundreds and one absolutely belongs in the kit of any serious Federal living historian.

We at Skillet Licker would like to welcome Ted Quednau, the manufacturer of a quality domet flannel issue shirt. Ted is no stranger to those "in the know" about where to get first rate goods and we are pleased to be able to offer this shirt.

Ted drafted his pattern from Dean Nelsons article on the army shirt, the article included US regulation measurements of cut out pieces before assembly and the Saroni contract measurements. With the generosity of William Brewster of the Wisconsin veterans Museum, Ted studied, measured and photographed the original in their collection. Their original was worn by Pvt. David C. Hotchkiss, Company C, 13th Wisconsin Infantry. Also invaluable to Ted were his conversations with Don Troiani. The shirt was reviewed in the Fall 1999 issue of the Watch Dog.

We have this shirt in stock in "large" size only

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