July 2012 Newsletter

New Arrivals!

Eichele MatchesLong time reenactor John Sarver commented that he never thought that the hobby would ever see reproduction wooden matches, and stated that he was absolutely thrilled when I announced their development.

We are immensely proud to no only offer the matches, but finally a period correct label. The often used Lucifer matches can be sent back to Lucifer and the nether regions.

These are available for immediate purchase at the following link:

Telegraph Matches


Customer of the Month

 Matt Herring

 Matt Herring 

There is no greater testimony to dedication to living history than when involvement in the hobby spans generations. Matt's father was a reenactor for 20 years, and his passing in 2009 really inspired him to continue along with living history.

The inspiration for his father's involvement, was his ancestor, Nathan Herring who was a private in the 149th PVI, Bucktails. Matt has the incredible good fortune of living in the Nathan Herring's original home in Elysburg PA. A member of the Herring.has lived there every.day since it was built in 1850 by my ggg grandfather Isaiah Roadarmel. Matt says that it is an honor to live there amongst so much.history.and.to also reenact the.civil war...he can think of no greater place to be.

Matt reenacts with three different units mostly with the 149th PA Bucktails for obvious reasons, but were also falls in with the 139th at some events.  He is a member of the 28th MA from his days living in Boston. He tries to to fall in with them at least once a year if he can.

When asked about his thoughts about the hobby, he said the he always likes to see younger people at events...if they.are in wool thats.great...but it is encouraging to see youth taking an interest in the civil.war and history in general.

Matt's whole family has spent their lives connecting future generations to the past.
Matts Father

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Tailoring weight jeans in stock next week!

Hot off the presses!

TNew Jeanclothan jeans will be on hand next week! These exquisitely finished jeans are absolutely perfect for the mid 19th century. One can actually convey elegance wearing a garment made from this fabric,

Natural Dyed Jeans in stock!

vegetable dyed yarnsYarn dyed indigo is here, on hand! We could not be happier with the results, and expect this to fly off of the shelves!

 New Plaids

New cotton plaids

We added a few more plaids to our line of custom woven cottons. These are available either as options for the plaid shirts in our line, or sold directly as yard goods for your own cut and sew purposes.

Each one is available for purchase at the following links:

Red and red plaid


New and upcoming projects!

New York Knife Company pocket knife.
check it out!

One of, if not THE most under represented items has been the ordinary pen knife. Other have either sold the Pakistan imports or culled old timey looking repros from online vendors. The real stalwarts have used originals.

This knife is about as uncomplicated as it can be, made of 4 parts.

Our reproduction is taken directly from an example that was excavated from a Federal Campsite.

Check back to our website, as this will be on our site in the next few days! The first lot will be limited to 50 pieces, and I expect them to go pretty quickly.

New York Knife Company

Satinettes for July

Fine Satinettes

Credit truly must be given to the first attempts in the hobby in terms of textiles. As time goes by, one must keep in mind that newer materials become available, so improved and better items will be coming to the hobby.

Until recently, many of the yarns used in reproduction fabrics were meant for the craft and rug weaving trade. While they had the rough hand one often finds in century old textiles, they were considerably coarser than the finely spun yarns of the mid-19th century. The original intention of satinette was NOT to be coarse, but to mimic broadcloth

We are very proud to be offering tailoring grade textiles which have the fine finish that was heretofore lacking.