June 2010 Newsletter

 Customer of the Month

Joseph Kropfelder

Joe Kropfelder

Joe's interest in historical militaria goes back to the TV shows the he watched as a kid in the 50's, Johnny Yuma, and Walt Disney's Davy Crockett and Johnny Shiloh, and such.

Joe started in the hobby in the N-SSA around 1985. He really enjoyed shooting live ammo,and did that for ten years.

Wanting to do something more, he happened to meet Larry Bopp and the 4TH NC at Ft. Mchenry during a civil war weekend and found what he needed; Living History and Re-enacting. Larry also belonged to Ship's

Company, USS Constellation, docked at Baltimore.  He joined them at the Remembrance Day Parade as A Marine.  There he met Steve Bockmiller who held up a picture in front of a Marine musician in full dress scarlet frock and said " Drummer Joe K,  This is what a

musician looked like in the 1850-60's for the Marines".  


Joe is now 59 and has been a musician sincea small tot, coming form a long line of musicians.  Everything fell into place when he joined the Ship's Joe Kropfelderinto place when he joined the Ship's Company, Music, History, Traveling, and some really good friends. 


Joe is pictured above and right wearing a Regulation Marine Musician's Dress frock that we completed for him to wear at the Arlington Memorial Day Parade. He sports a fine figure in English Superfine broadcloth!

New glassware!

Ale BottleSquat amber ales!

I personally get a charge when we are able to offer something that has not been avaiable in this country for over 100 years.The first piece in this series of bottles is the squat ale bottle pictured at right, is a hand made bottle that is mouth blown into a mold. This little bit of detail adds a tremendous amount to the camp impression.

With the originals getting scarcer.These bottles are even great collector's items. Check them out on the site by clicking the link Ale Bottle


Dedication at Cypress Hills Brooklyn

In the previous newsletter we had mentioned a neat project that we had completed for patrolman Nick Finelli, who is a long time Revolutionary War reenactor. Little did we expect to open the New York Daily News and find Nick wearing the uniform that we made, pictured shaking hands with New York Police Commissioner Raymond KelleyRaymond Kelley

He made a very strong impression, and it seemed that everyone wanted to have their picture taken with him. He certainly cuts a dashing figure and pays fitting tribute to New York's finest.  


 Dedication at Cypress Hills Cemetery


Neshaminy Reenactment

It is always a great time going to events and putting faces to the names behind the e-mail addresses. Neshaminy was scorching hot, but it is something that I look forward to every year. I am grateful to the organizers and commanders for putting forth the effort to make each years' event a success.

 Neshaminy Reenactment Cont'd

Recently completed projects!

1860 Election FlagBreckenridge/Lane Flag

 The second in our series of Election of 1860 memorabilia, this flag is based upon a specimen that was found in the floorboards of a house in Philadelphia. Considered to be one of the scarcest surviving flags of the period, it has made it difficult to reproduce, until now.

Hooks and Eyes for Ladies Garments

Ladies Hook and Eye 

 Perhaps one of the most difficult items to percure in reproducing women's clothing, is without a doubt one of the smallest.

Properly sized hooks and eyes, of the right configuration (without the center spring) have not been reproduced for the living history field.

TLadies Hook and eyehat is, until now!

Upcoming projects

We will be adding more fruit jars and period canning, all of which have never been offered before. The Griffen 1862 Fruit Jar is very close to being offered, but will documented and quite attractive pieces in the forthcoming months. Again, they have never been done before, and are collectible in their own right....Stay tuned!

 Brooks Patent Writing kits!

 We were hoping to have these kits ready to ship by the time we were sending the newsletter, but they are still about a week away. The inkwells which are part of the kit will be completed towards the end of next week. Check back on the site, for the launching of this great project!


Field Agents Wanted!

We are always looking to add to our staff, and moreso with the additional time periods we cover. If you are intersted, or know of someone how might be, send them along!