April 2010 Newsletter

Tim Koehn at Port Hudson

 I would like to thank all those who visited my tent at Port Hudson the weekend of March 26-28.  I had a great time meeting new people and seeing old friends.  I hope you were able to partake of the free goober peas at the front of the tent.  I went through 3 bags Saturday as the shool kids from Texas about wiped me out.  I hope that you were able to look at some things that you were interested in.  If you would like to purchase them, please go to the website and order.  If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me and I will help anyway I can.  Also, don't forget to use our online supprt as well.  Thanks again and I hope to see you at Jackson Crossroads, LA April 23-25. 


Your Most Obedient Servant,

Tim Koehn

Field Agent for NJ Sekela

Customer of the Month

1860 Metropolitan Police

 Sometimes working on one project, can bring other things together. Our customer Nick Finelli was looking to get the correct hat for his 1860's police impression. Literally, less than a week after his initial inquiry, we received an order for Metropolitan Police hats from a production company shooting a movie on the trial of Mary Surrat.

When I contacted Nick, he was very excited and asked if we could produce the entire uniform for him. He had done a tremendous amount of research on the 1860's Police Departments in New York City (there were several; the Metropolitan, Municipal and Crystal Palace, each of which had their own uniforms and shields). The reason that Nick F. was putting together the impression, was for the rededication of the restored 1860's Police monument which is scheduled for this July, which was recently vandalized.

Nick is already a long time Revolutionary War reenactor, and has a strong eye for detail. What makes this project particularly meaningful, is that he is also an active duty New York City Police officer, so he is not only paying tribute, but carrying the torch.



New P. M'Dermott offerings!

P. M'Dermott A recent trip up-country uncovered a selection of original bottles in excellent condition; these bottles are guaranteed to be of mid-19th century construction, unlike many of the bottles sold to reenactors. There are several wines; several whiskeys; and two toiletry bottles of the exact construction for which our full-color labels "Superior Rose Oil for the Hair" (Item No. 6203) and "Superior Bears Oil for the Hair" (Item No. 6206) were designed. Over the next few weeks, these bottles will appear on the website, fully described. They will be offered individually, the price including an appropriate label of the buyer's choice.

McDermott's Bottles




One day sales in April !
check them out!

  • Tam and Scarf Combo
    April 12th
  • Hot Dipped Deep Dish Mess Pan
    April 19th

  • Pleated Civilian Drawers
    April 26th

 One day sale items




New and upcoming projects!

E1860 Election Flaglection of 1860 Campaign Flags

 The true catalyst for this project was none other than our own, P. M'Dermott, who thought about this project many years go. Its is only now after the span of multiple decades, has his idea finally come to fruition.

As the 150th anniversary draws near, we are looking forward to adding more to this line. We hope to add the flags of candidates Stephen Douglas, John Breckenridge and John Bell.

New suspender buckles

New Suspender buckleBased upon a December 1855 patent, this buckle is the same style that has been found on the wreck of the Steamship Bertrand. Featuring a two part construction, it is both functional and attractive. Most surprisingly, it has never been done before!!



Hooks and Eyes for Ladies Garments

Perhaps one of the most difficult items to percure in reproducing women's clothing, is without a doubt one of the smallest.

Properly sized hooks and eyes, of the right configuration (without the center spring) have not been reproduced for the living history field.

That is, until now!

Stay tuned, as they will soon be added to our offerings.

 SS Supply Room products carried by NJ Sekela.

We have signed an agreement to carry the line of products previously offered by Chuck Ducastel at SSRoom.com, in particular the blank firing non guns (BFONGs). His military obligations have made it impossible for him to manage the manufacturing of his line, and since we already produce a wide variety of metal items, it is an easy progression for us. The items from his line will be added to the website very shortly, including his MP-40, 1921A1 Thompson and 9.3mm Blanks.





A very close friend of mine in the apparel industry is selling down his inventory of fabrics. While he has some modern fashion fabrics, he also has goods which would work perfectly for our interests. Through an announcement on the boards, several people jumped on the opportunity to buy some of his superfine black wool/cashmere broadcloth. He also has a number of 100% silk taffettas, and of that, plenty of black. These will be posted to the fabric section of the website, so stay tuned! It is a one time opportunity; once that stuff goes, that is it!


Field Agents Wanted!

We are always looking to add to our staff, and moreso with the additional time periods we cover. If you are intersted, or know of someone how might be, send them along!