March 2010 Newsletter

Spring now peaking around the corner!

The season is just about to get started and I can see as people are anxious to get in the field. Units are drilling in the snow in preparation for the upcoming season. We are all personally looking forward to seeing people

P.M'Dermott Wholesale Stationers

Mr. M'Dermott has added more items to his line and they are updated almost on a weekly basis. He has added several full color labels and some never before offered labels for hair tonics and pomades. 

Abel Putnam's Patent Buttons
in Stock!

After a tremendous amount development effort, we are proud to announce the relase of our own reproduction of the Putnam Patent Poncho Eagle Button. (Say that ten times fast!!)Putnam Eagle Buttons

The final adjustment that we made for production is to have the iron backs finished in hot dipped tin. This reproduction is sophisticated enough to be a collector's item in its own right.

 World War II Line....

LWorld War IIooking back to my entre into the hobby of Living History, it was without a doubt greatly influenced by my father's experience in the Patton's 3rd Army in World War II. His experience in the war left a tremendous impression upon him, which in turn was passed down to his family.

I am proud to have had my father take part in that part of history, and equally proud to offer a product line to those commemorating that part of world history. Check back often as we intend to add many new products in the forth coming weeks.

New Spurs in Stock!

Schulery Hartley and graham spurWe are proud to offer the private purchase quality that was part of the line produced by military furnishers, Schuyler Hartley and Graham. These are now in stock and ready to ship.

Price matching

Price matching on books!

We are now offering a price matching program on all books. If you find a title that we offer at any other location, fill out our price matching form and we will match or beat that price. We tried to add all the titles that we have in our personal library, but unfortunately, some are out of print. If there is any additional title that you are looking for, drop us a note and we will get it!



New and upcoming projects!

 Brooks and Hathaway Writing Kits coming!

With the desire to offer a complete line of items, we have embarked upon offering BOTH the Brooks and Hathaway Patent writing kits. The part that has made this project both interesting and substantially more challenging, is that we are also offering the glass and pewter traveling inkwells that were included in the original sets. We expect to have these up for sale on the site in the next month and half, so keep checking the site!

 Hathaway Writing Kit

Louis Devere's Handbook of Practical CuttingLouis Devere's Book

R.L. "Bob" Shep has contributed many titles related to clothing and textile history. I bought his publiction of the Louis Devere book as soon as it was released in 1989, and have continued to use it on a weekly basis. This publication is a classic and should be on every serious student's bookshelf.

Bob Shep retired from publishing a few years back, and is selling off the inventory of his remaining titles. He noted that I am a big fan of the book, and is interested to see it continue. He has agreed to sell us the copyright and we will be publishing a second edition within the next year.

Field Agents Wanted!

We will be announcing the appoinment of new field agents, but we are still in need of others, especially in the mid-west area. If you are intersted, or know of someone how might be, send them along!